I thought about all the easy ways to come back into the world after Bosnia, after divorce and love, perhaps, I chose the oldest way, the one that was most humbling and trying to get to the bottom of all our mistakes.
In the beginning…it was just me, hanging out with all the kids I grew up with, but soon I knew watching them chase skirt, that I had to talk to some other fellows… everything about them just seemed too goddamn good, just seemed like people were pulling confetti and receipts and Safeway discounts out of their souls. They defined themselves with a debit card.
I first met Karl at work, I was hired trough Bruce Williams from Jon Malloy my brother in law, I first met Karl at the Fitzgerald house, and I first met Babe, Darrel and the rest of the gang there. But I only knew Jon. Remembering then cleaning up and throwing around two by fours like toothpicks that all I had to do was work hard and maybe they would talk to me
I thought this at the time and the time was good, to mix in and become a-nobody to myself, something that I have never been before. I thought if I worked hard I could somehow become a human again, and a somebody would see me again, my son Gavin would see me as a good father, a woman would see me and think I was eligible…
There were apartments and women, there was always something deeper, perhaps that was the mistake that much of Friday harbor made about me, but “me” is bigger than Friday harbor, I have always been.
How did you meet Karl? At work
What did you say? Have you ever read Eddie Bunker?
That is who I knew who I knew to talk too.
Karl come to kim and my wedding.
We love you