I been writing much lately and to extend my thoughts on these questions of your behavior is sort of taxing and outside of the box… But the point is Wesley you make me think. Here I am in the Kodiak sunlight of 12:50 am and writing you my longest running friend who has never made it to a wedding of mine.
Upon your questions and indications I have re-watched all the old Howard Zinn videos and Noam Chomsky. And have formulated an opinion which much agrees with your hypothesis.
We are lead, we are controlled. Somewhere along the lines empires realized that they could no longer control nations by force therefore they shifted to some sort of media control. Basically I know this sounds ignorant, “brain control” that is your main conflict is it not?
In Spain the Russians first attacked the news media, in Germany WWII our main missions from the get go was to take out communication Killing 30,000 French civilians in the process. This is all before D-day. In military terms they call that com-mo.
In Bosnia I watched and hog or pig of sorts eat the leg of some human I never knew, the addias shoe rocked back and forth on the end of the calf that the hog was chewing on… for a moment, with my empty unloaded gun I thought about shooting the pig… then eating it, but fuck, I never really wanted to eat swine that was eating us.
These small moments are life tools, you to rethink the world around… I ran out of there wanting to be normal and I wanted my mother and father and all of Friday Harbor to be a normal place. Fuck coming back to that place after Europe and divorce wasn’t good.
No wonder I ended up at the Legion. No wonder I ended up in Alaska. Kodiak an island so far far away, where I met this girl who reinvented me and looks at me like a new song.
I agree with you on about 90% of what you say the only problem is I believe in change and human nature. Otherwise nothing about me doesn’t exist… have faith my friend.