beast needs beast


In a dream, we were in Friday Harbor. We were in the Palace movie theater and I was seated on the left aisle side with my sister Erin next to me. The movie started on the big screen. Playing with all its light.
It’s vision so crisp and clear raining down upon us. In all my darkness and seeing all the things dark so, I noticed a movement from the front that was taking me away from my love of cinema. I was here to watch a movie.
In front, below the screen there was a man’s head upon a woman, under a blanket kissing so. It looked alright to me as it would to you. Until it looked like fucking…
There was a dark man, fucking a dark woman on and in the first row, how do the seats work that way? Do they twist in turn? It was happening. Of course not.
The man down front gets up and walks out of the movie theater leaving the woman behind. Normal.
Then the large man next three seats down from my left gets up, and walks down to the front, like a shadow upon this girl, walks down like darkness in a movie theater and begins to kiss her, she kisses back, their heads like weeds growing towards light… they kiss and kiss some more, until the back light gets dark and we can’t see what we are watching from the movie and we are waiting for something with more light, a scene that exposes.

Change scene, a woman walking across the screen smoking a cigarette. It is bright, the girl is beautiful and I imagine myself from the stars point of view, I would take her I think to myself, I would walk up to her and stop thinking with my mind and move forward with my heart and instinct. “Kiss her Bogart!”

The girl in front isn’t doing so well, she has made love to a male in the middle of a movie theater and now the large man that was a few seats down from me is down upon her… she accepts.
How does that work? I am confused we came here to watch a movie… in my dream

In my dream my sister grabs upon my arm, and holds me tight, she wants to know what is happening tonight, and I tell her nothing. Nothing, this is what happens and you better get used to it…

I've been to war...

Men and married men and boys age 15 weave and cut amongst themselves in some sort of line that forms for this woman/girl

The show stops. Management has gotten told what is going on…
This woman this child like girl is sitting next to me upon my left. Where my sister was before she took off. My sister (gone). I am left with her….
I got a broken face, I got a broken mind, but not as broken as you…
And I walk her out of the darkness.

i don't know if you know this but walking out of a movie theater always makes you feel akward.