The Process


It gets cold all of a sudden
Burst of light
Gets warm again
Lots of tits
Lots of milk
Loud mouth noisemaker-milk-drinker
Roll around a lot
Stand up
Grow hair
Eat mushy things
Try cloths on
Wear cloths
Hair is much longer
Getting bigger
These people are speaking to me
Learn some words
Give up tits not knowing for how long it will be
Get a dog
Shit in the yard (me, not the dog)
Go to school
Take a picture in front of a tree
Lots of glue and sparkles
Get stung by a bee
Eat some random things in the yard
Growing faster
Play Atari
Watch TV
Find the escapade channel
Kiss the neighbor
Get a bike
Ride the bike
Jump the bike
Think about the future of riding bikes
Lose all my teeth
They come back!
Gets sun burnt
Skins falls off
Skin comes back too!
Shave my head (crew cut)
Hair comes back
Getting bigger
Move away
See a killer whale
See a bald eagle
Break dance
Kiss Kimmy Wilson
Ride some more bikes
Snowball fight
Kiss Susan
Kiss Kim again
Get slapped by Susan
Want the tits
Know the tits
But canít seem to get back to them
Get hit in the face by a bat
Loose front teeth
Am told they will not come back!
High school
Fight some more
Kiss some more
Finally grab Dawnís tit
10th grade kicks my ass
Oh my sweet lord! (Find out about pussy)
Forget about school all together
Get a car
Learn to drive
Must devise plans to get the pussy
Get some more tit
Tit is not so important
Learn to masturbate
Side tracked for about a week or two
Spanish is hard
I am called a pussy
Get in a fight
Call him a pussy
I am in love
Drunk for the first time
Start a fire
A big fire
Kiss Meagan Bell
Touch her tits
Touch her pussy
I think it is going to happen
It doesnít happen
Go to a party
Green teeth, must be St. Patís day
Drive home
Get some pussy

Another burst of light, but this time everything is warm
It is so warm
It feels too good
It is fast
I want it again
I understand what makes the world go around
It isnít algebra
It isnít Spanish


Have sex with Amy
Have sex with Karen
Amy again
Karen and Amy get in a fight
Learn something new


Eat Pussy
Get drunk some more
Have to think about the future
Join the Army
Avoid the future
Do some push ups
Shower with naked guys
Run around and poke our into Styrofoam dummies
Think about the pussy
Get out of boot camp
Go to Georgia
Have my first black pussy
Get drunk
Read about pussy
Write about pussy
Have sex with Charlene
A little to clingy
Lots of letters
A down right stalker
Learn something new
Head off to Germany
Whole new kind of beer
Whole new kind of pussy
Have a lot of fun
Pass out drunk
Get into a lot of fights
Take a lot of pictures
Get shipped to Bosnia
Watch out for landmines
Meet Andrea
Kiss Andrea
They open up a beer tent
We drink lots of beer
Sleep with Andrea
Fall in love with Andrea
Learn something new
Start to devise new plans
Get out of the Army
Meet up with Andrea
Move in with Andrea
Marry Andrea
Big wedding
Have a son named Gavin
Wonder about his burst of light
Gavin begins the process
Devise new plans
Go to school again
Three process intertwining
Life is hard!
Finish College
English literature
Move to Belgium
Continue with the process
Get a job
Get a computer
Snowboard a little
Write a little
Read a lot, but mostly kid books
Eat a lot of good food
Get fat
Five years go by
Think about the pussy again
The tits
The warmth
Sleep with a French girl named Monique
Andrea Finds out
She cries
She leaves
I lose Gavin
I lose everything
She doesnít come back
Fuck Monique
Fuck the pussy
Drink a lot
Start a new process
Devise new plans
But nothing will ever be the same
Call Gavin
Gavin calls me
Gavin gets on a plane to visit me
I pick him up at the airport
I hold him like I have never held anything in my life
Try to explain the process to him
We devise some plans for his future
He flies home to his mom
I cry
Get drunk
Sleep a lot
Wake up
Start over
Get a new job
Take computer with me
Move to the mountain
There is a lot of snow
A lot of darkness
A lot of cold
Write about all of this
Send it off to an editor
The editor replies

James, this is great stuff, but could you expand it a little more?