my mother on a sandy lawn


Crime, these niggers were so stupid around the tooth. The words slipping out of their mouths in retarded lingo. Everything about the numbers. Watch me watch me count your way.
All in the numbers. Haven’t you ever watched the wire, haven’t you ever read “lush Life?”
Chaos is the new random order.
A different gun, on a different night never thinking just acting. The basics of crime.
Always walk up with a smile, look as white and dress so, wear polos, and adjust your tie. Then let them know that you are out to take em. Take em… dump the gun, dump the clothes, best yet take everything you have ever worn in your whole life and burn it to the bone.
Sneakers burn funny I know, you got to get a stick and really poke them until the rubber tree falls into a scent upon the night. Watch me.
Crime, it works that way.
You can’t keep robbing the same niggas in the same area, you got to spread out and become something random. Just do it, here and there sort of shit. Walk up and down the streets, the ones perhaps so far away from where you live and just stick and shoot… trust me.
Curse you woman so.
Look at them when you are in these different towns, smile, cast your hook and wait until they bite, pull them in, never in your own town… trust me on this one.
Your mom can’t believe who you have become, your love throws chunks. Your love is something large and European.