She awoke and perhaps there was lamp of sorts, but mostly there was a fish tank sort of thing upon a windowsill that banged the light upon the room stupidly and infatuated.
Her eyes moved upon the walls thinking of desert grounds in places like Arizona chalked full of rattle snakes. There were none of these. Her eyes moved more upon the surface, she saw the semi retarded lamp again, something that she would smash if it was in her own home. Her hair was stupid long and pressed against her scalp caked with sleep and saliva.
This is how she begun at the age of 34 a rebirth of sorts, being born all over again and knowing what god tells us about kindness and love and all that stuff.
She did not know yesterday, she couldn’t tell you the lawns she mowed on her mother’s wrinkles she just simply awoke at the age of 34 as a new human being upon the earth.

The young nurse came into the room, in-between jobs and thought about changing her bed pan then thought about texting Luke, Luke was strong and handsome and had 202 yards rushing as a second string running back and two touch downs.. A junior for crying out loud, as she changed the bed pan of a woman who was just starting to see the infatuated light.
Luke texted back… what’s up?
She texted again her thumb stupid and numb but wanting to make this right
“what are you doing tonight?”
“you’re like a light bulb baby, something that shines.”
She was left at work and it was obvious that Luke was out having a good time. And she herself was still working. Why did luke have to talk this way? what was he doing?
“light bulbs baby”
“where the fuck are you?”
“jumping out of my skin… Satan”
What the hell?, she slithered the gloves off, and her smoke of sorts, she clocked out and was ready upon all her might to find out what Luke was doing. There were cars involved and cell phones and zeroing in on Luke making out with another girl over her dead body sort of stuff. She was determined. In her mind this was how it would be…
When kim awoke.

Kim’s mind however was something new… I mean completely new before Friday harbor, before Vancouver, before Bosnia, before her brother in Afghanistan. Kim was becoming something that us cats could base our experience upon. As she woke up looking at the room so there were no war existing, perhaps there was picture of something.