spillane on spillane


“Spillane’s gifts-terse, electric dialogue [with himself], descriptive passages of insidious beauty-have never been more apparent or put to better use.”

“Spillane’s gun fire prose sets you on edge, waiting for the next word-bullet to the brain.”
-The San Diego Tribune

“Another remarkable achievement. wrldmrine reconfirms Spillane’s status as a modern master and literary provocateur.” -Publishers Weekly

“We have all dreamed of sitting down and writing our own reviews, but only Spillane and a handful of other desperate writes have done so… pure genius.”
-Tampa Tribune

“Terrorists, Guns, explosions, cowboys, and hot raunchy sex… none of these things are in Spillane’s new book.”

“To think that Spillane has never even written a book, yet is considered a modern master, is quite an accomplishment for a such young author.”
-The Miami Herald

“Have you ever noticed in jacket reviews the multiple use of ellipses…? Which means the reviewer could have actually been quoted as saying something like, ‘Spillane is a great writer, (if enjoy reading the works of the mentally challenged.)’ but they would just leave that last part out and replace it with […]”
-The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Spillane is a great writer….”
-Kurt Vonnegut

“That rat bastard owes me sixty bucks… mother fucker-mother fucker.”
-Chris Holland

“To sit down and actually write my own reviews, and to realize that even halfway through, my own mind is against me, is truly a remarkable thing… I was born to lose.”
-James Spillane