There is without god
And the simple fact of this means there is.
Random is a selection that can be picked to shake it up a bit; hence, it is an order.
We choose random, he said coolly smoking a cigarette. We wanted to shake things up a bit.
In most things there is a mathematical expression that agrees. This is amazing to me. I would love to watch math and science evolve into something that explains why home teams win more than the away teams.
We are touching on it, scratching upon the surface. Perhaps we just need to dig a bit more.
I am only 34 years old, and I don’t know too much but I know there is some bigger connectivity involved. Perhaps if we looked at the entire world and everything else as being a single sheet. Much like Einstein thought when he was explaining gravity. But let’s think of it a little different, like ripples in an pond, and that if you throw a rock into this pond it sends these waves out… if you throw two rocks out, the ripples push through each other without change. It doesn’t matter the origin. You could throw rock from Mt Vesuvius, you could throw a rock from Cape Cod, the waves will move through each other unnoticed.
Now imagine 6.5 billion people and all our ripples on the same sheet of music. You can’t tell me that we are not all connected… that you will bend to my will or me to you. It is not like your will comes to a wall and returns to origin, it just simply passes through.
Now apply this to everything.
Perhaps you live in a house with many rooms, if a man per say fell over in your living room what would you do? Human instinct wise you would do something, you would recall all the CPR classs you took, there would be pillows placed under heads, there would be authorities and betters to be called… doctors of sort.
That is how we care as humans it is instinct…
Now let’s say a man or woman falls down in one of you many rooms. Chokes on the Hummus… just flat out dies. How do you feel about that? A room without a view. Is that we do to the world? We cut it off, ostracize it. What’s going on in Africa sort of shit?
We move funny in that way..
Africa will come back to us, china and Europe will laugh… we throw rocks, but it is the same pond that that they crash upon… the ripples are us…and god will call us out with the new math