a list of people i am learning to thaw


Something moving long and dark down my arms.
There is heat in it and an easy way. Like skidding cars on snow if you know how to do it, it is fun. The predictability of chaos. You see it before it happens.
Today I went out with Eric and we were toying around on the four wheelers after the snow storm. It was the perfect storm, the ones that come in the night and dump it, covering the world anew affording us the creativity of snow prints.
There was no wind, and nothing but sun, at ski resorts this is covet. We loaded up the four wheelers on the rig, and headed out into the cold. You should have seen it, banging our way down the trails, the trees above out heads covered, the colors, and the tinted look of goggles.
On the machine you relearn how to move, you slide your ass left and hit the gas, constantly looking ahead for your future. God we were out in the middle of nowhere, untouched…
Every day here I feel like I am beating back something, being born again, if I keep it up I will win it all… get back to what I was in the beginning with unlimited possibility.
We froze out asses off, first my fingers hurt, then my feet… you got to punch through that though and it is easy when you are having a good time… you will get home soon, you tell yourself, you will get home and thaw yourself out, your arms will yours again…
You should the pictures I took.