owl bang


Sequences of now’s that follow one and another.
In baseball the fastest pictures have been recorded at the 103 range. Knowing the way the mind works it should be impossible for a human to hit anything over 90 mph. there has to be something that happens, before it happens. Batters hit them.
Whenever playing any sport, have you noticed that if you didn’t think about it, it just happened naturally, there was movement and action and a reaction that occurred without conscience? Like an instant instinct. There aren’t too many ways to explain this. I love spending hours on You tube and watching Sidney Crosby, Henry Thierry and Barry Sanders move. Sometimes it seems to me like there is some sort of time reversal, like there are a million little electrons in one person that talk to the other person, and they go backwards in what we now as time. Like we are flesh suites running around on Halloween.. As if time didn’t exist. These athletes are somehow perceptive and unknowing.
When I lived upstate, in Buffalo New York we had this thing called the lake effect and it would snow so hard that you felt like you were inside of a snow globe and couldn’t stop yourself from looking at any street light…
In the morning snow plows would come and come and would pile all the snow up so high on the corners where they intersected until we had these giant mountains of white to jump up and down upon and slide our hands and feet upon…
One morning we were out digging snow forts, probably to fend off the evil army of “cobra.”
It started off with both of us digging into the huge pile of snow, one on one side the other on the other. Eventually we met in the middle. In my mind we would keep going and there would be a room with windows and perhaps some electricity. A bunk for our beds and storage for cans… but it was winter and the sun set soon. And Joey took off and I stayed working on the fort which was nothing more than two tunnels that burrowed in and created this “v” sort of shape and perhaps all our dig Doug ways was why it came crashing down when I was at the bottom. My arms were forward and I was trying to slide myself up and out towards the light. And I think my mother dressed me to warm, and I was stuck and it all fell down and into my ears and eyes. For about 20 seconds I didn’t seem like a threat, I could for the best of me see light, and breathe… I just couldn’t move. Then over whelming so I couldn’t move or wipe the snow from my face and my arms became these funny things that were a million miles away from my mind and my legs were on their own.
Joey went home and probably ate pan fried hotdogs with ketchup as his family was prone to do… he probably went back to his room and thought about living in his older brothers’ room and if he would take down the led zeppelin posters or not. His mother thought of her thighs and his father thought about African parrots and land usage. My mother thought, “Where is Jamie?” and she called Pat and Pat said “Jamie isn’t here” and then she asked Joey, “where is Jamie?”
I was a dreamer, and I was dreaming and for moment under the snow I thought of my mother, I thought about my father and the Holy Ghost. For a brief moment I thought about the fact that I might be left handed because it was easier to ride bikes that way with the wind falling upon my hair.
I remember sleeping curled up in my Star war’s bed sheet and the sounds of”MASH” on channel 13… I remember the shovels and the light. There was a shovel that dug deep into my right quadriceps; there was a flashlight upon my head. They dug me out of my first death. We went home and my mother threw me into a hot bathtub of what I believe now was oatmeal and tomato soup as if I was stunk of skunk and had the chicken pox.
This really didn’t happen, but you could imagine if it did.
Sort of like sequence’s of now that fall upon each other.