we miss me, miss me we


After realizing how much we missed Amber Kiker and her beautiful entries, we at wrldrmine decided to send her a personal e-mail which simply read.
"We miss you, and we worry about you."

To which she replied:

I miss me and worry about me too. Sometimes I miss me so much I just want to cry and cuddle with my teddy bear that I named after me to pretend it's me in my arms. I worry a lot about me, what I am doing... the decisions I am making for myself.... have I gained a lot of weight? Itís hard loving someone like me. Iím always on the go, getting myself into trouble, never able to get a hold of myself when I need to call me, or borrow some money from myself. I remember one time where I caught myself in bed with myself. I could have kicked my own ass for that but like I said, loving me is hard and I've learned a thing or two about tough love over the years. I just hope I am doing well and will keep in touch with myself more often than I have in the past.

Mine Truly,
Amber Kiker