yet you do


If we are all connected then how the hell are you connected to me? I always thought I got the things I am connected to …my childhood is one of them and me and that are like hands on arms… my mother Christmas, my father captain, my sisters blond.
Now and now I couldn’t tell you where the eraser started. Some of it becomes dreams almost like you ate too many vitamins the night before and you piss yellow, other up shoots is the theory that it is bigger than you. What I like to think is that from the get going there was a cut of point, of sorts, stuff you can remember and stuff you had to remember. You got to remember the beauty of childhood… you say.
And you never forget it.
The now though, you got that shit, everything new you can take and register, every bad experience you can dissolve.
The problem is that you start to dissolve everything… you win, you win, you win and first sign of problems, you erase.
Come on now?
Until you are driving back from ocean shores with your son. And the light is flashing in upon the screen right, you mother is back there. your sister flew out. You wife thinks about grizzly burgers. We are the young. And what do we erase?
Never this.
yet you do