so tell my old lady i aint seen her late-ly


Are you swinging from the eaves for a taste of me?

Or following the white



of a flashlight on snow

I donít know

Sometimes and canít tell my face from all the dreams I have.

1. Where I am driving a zodiac across the Puget sound with a Nissan engine

2. Where twenty five voices gather in a room

3. Where-where

I start.

We spent all this time trying to move forward, but late at night we canít and we are trapped in that loop.

Hey, I got these new skills almost as if I was born in Lawrence Kansas and meeting my sister in Austin TexasÖ and sort ofÖ you know, graduating in 1992.

And all of these 25 people are pulling wagons.

And sometimes their arms are strained.

And if we are lucky we can blog it, and if we are lucky

she will kiss us at the end of the night,

and if we are most lucky they swing from eaves.

And they-they

Will follow our tiny beams of light.

Into the snow

that we know.