silver sun so


We all have throw up in us… it is just waiting to come up
And she pointed to my stomach, which I thought was funny because I was 30 years old.
Doesn’t that scare you, all that throw up waiting to come up I hate throwing up.
We drove down to mission beach and I wanted to try and catch silver, my first silver and they were jumping and the tide was coming in
And it was a big thing to her…
The water the water, she said, and there were lures that she dropped on the ground,
It was all about the water… and I walked out of it and up to her and said, don’t worry.
I hooked her up and made sure her boots were tight
and pulled my hip waders back up and walked back into it.
And the sun was coming down from god, and you could see the salmon, they were there, and they were moving in and out between my legs and jumping like soccer gods… I kept casting and throwing my shoulder out, just happy to be here and there

Jammers, Jammers
The end of the world call
Jammers, Jammers

And the tide was coming in, and the water was rising, and her fishing pole wasn’t working so, and god knows I tried to make sure the lure was tied and I tried to show her how to cast… and she was five years old.

I picked her up with my right arm, my strongest arms and hosted her up into the sky… resting on my right shoulder, reaching down in my waders and into the water finding the pink pixie lure..

Walking back up to the car I thought
If you only knew how beautiful you are, how the world bends around you…

I never thought about all the throw up in my stomach or all the silvers I didn’t catch until much later.