i spent three hours writting about all the most beautiful things in my life... i got down the absolute moments that changed me... i wrote about metting chris in germany and playing basketball with him, about making love for the first time with some girl i don't even know, about hungry/bosnia... i let it all out. about page 7 microsoft word decided to stop working. i lost it all.
here are some of the subjects.
1. metting chris for the first time and his weird basketball skills
2. making love for the first time.
3. arriving in hungary/bosnia
4. meeting my wife
5. accepting the fact that my wife wanted nothing to do with me
6. friday harbor
7. metitng kim
8. moving to alaska
9. my whole world shaking.
you should have seen it... i worked so hard. just to watch it all go up in smoke over an vista glitch on my windows word.