radios and indians


Chris called me up last night and I couldn’t tell on the phone if he was “getting into the cups”
I like to call it getting into the cups because a friend of my father recently said that about him (my father) and how he was always starting arguments about everything when he is into the cups, and calls everyone stupid when he is into the cups and says weird things like, “teeth are to a hen as a nest is to a______ and just leaves them with that
… It just sounds old school.
So Chris was into the cups, and Chris was asking me about the radio, he asked like this
“What the fuck do you mean you are on the radio?”And I explained and he was all like,
“What the fuck do you mean you are on the radio, I thought you were hanging out with Indians, I thought the Indians were setting up telethons or something and you were answering phones, what the fuck is all this radio shit?”
And I asked him if he was into the cups, but he didn’t know what I was talking about so instead he mentioned reading all the old stuff on wrldmrine and how much he liked it, and how much we had changed, mostly he mentioned how much better I was at writing back then and how now that I am getting older I am no longer creative.
I hung up on him
Chris called back
“What the fuck are you hanging up on me for?” but I told him that I had fat cheeks and when I smiled sometimes there was a small possibility that things would end this way…
Chris started to get funny again, and I smiled and hung up again.

Later I thought about writing more. There are points that need to be proved, there are things that need to be said. There are people that need to curl up on the ground in the fetal position.

So this one if for you Chris, for the next time when you are getting into the cups.