There was something great about me; I just donít know what it was yet. You should have seen me play soccer, flipping that little fucking ball off of shins and shoes. It was like I knew what was going to happen before it did. Now that I am older and playing hockey, it is the best.
You watch them move their arms and the stick, and the puck and you just watch it happen like a movie where you know the actor.
Their shoulders move their hands move, you move before it happens. You intercept, chip the puck forward, glance up at the movement of a body, pull in the rigging in on the sail and move effortlessly past em, like a dream.

1. The closest I have come to flying. Kicking the puck off my skate, using the boards using their own inertia.
2. It is like they donít understand chaos
3. It is like they donít understand creativity

I move left, you move right. A flicker of my right gluteus maximums and I float on past into the great white open. You didnít see it happen, and I will dip a chew for you. There are a million things I didnít see happening. Didnít see her happening.
Didnít see her kiss me, and smoke cigarettes outside my place on Web Street and come in and clean my apartment, didnít see her hair as much as I should have or the way she moved around a room.
I was winning in fantasy football and she was pushing ma up against walls.
ďthere is something great about me, you just donít see it yetĒ

But I did and perhaps that was my best move