Alaska's Top Forty Under 40: James Spillane

Spillane, James

Dental biller Kodiak Area Native Association

Age: 34

Education: autodidactic

Accomplishment: “Meeting Kim, marring her on top of Pillar Mountain while over looking Kodiak and mountains of snow on my shoulders.”
Coming out of the army James realized his options were limited, with the GI bill he attended the University of Maryland and achieved Dean List honors with a perfect 4.o before dropping out over unforeseen circumstances.

James than found himself quickly rising through the governmental ranks of the GS system, until eventually he became the child and youth services director for Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE)
At the age of 27 James was the youngest director ever, he held this position for one year and later, in turn relinquished his role to superiors Jonathan Orme and Kenneth Omera. So he could find himself. Where upon he directly discarded everything of utter most importance.
Things lost:
Belgium with a log bed

Things gained:
Not much at first
More understanding of life
My mother
My father
And eventually my sisters…. To a point where I understood them and saw my mother’s gleam and my father’s ambition. It is a choke hold this shit, my father the captain of a super tanker, my mother perhaps the best talker you have ever met, even my step dad the “Chief” of Ocean Shores. I was built to lead… I am built to lead.

Genetically we can’t argue, and perhaps I failed at such a young age but I wasn’t ready for super tankers crashing into Bligh reef, I wasn’t ready for the tsunami… or divorce and war.
Now I am

Fucktastically. Guns Germs and Steele.
Now watch me.