shit fuck hell yeah


You should see her and all her toes and they are hanging off of fucking shit… they are dipping down into your dreams.
I was jumping off of buildings
The squirt sound of her piss is better than any DeWalt drill
Better than a nail gun…
You think about calling up your son, seeing how things are going, it is March 19th his birthday he is playing a show, his first.
Andy called you up and you have it laid out on your answering machine and can play it back and back again like skidding cars across ice in our mind…
Kim calls and kisses, and wakes and kisses again and makes food far beyond midnight until she slowly becomes something that I can touch and breath and kiss myself.
“you don’t love yourself”
She says, and flutters it upon me. And kisses me some more. Until my shoulders open and fold outward into wings of sorts, the sorts that will never understand these sort of things.