Been reading all these books that are falling and falling asleep in my mind everything every night. It is good stuff all this reading. I like the way the images float around and recollect in my mind late at night. Slowly the parts of them attach to my skin like magnets and work through my history, almost like a little man running up the back stairs to the film projector room. My eyes blink.
It is important to have organizational skills and to fold the socks so and put all the things in their right places.
Sometimes I put you in a glass with a little ice, sometimes I put you in my mouth close to my tongue and call you Kodiak.
Sometimes I let you attach to my skin late at night and let you really sink in.
Me, god I love me some me.
You, the best part about you is you…
And I run up the back stairs to the film projector room
Because I got this movie to make
To show.