water it down


I will give you a million dollars to shake it
Shake it across your food and clothing and skin like something arbitrary, there is no starting over there is no maytag to wash it all away.

No it is more like pouring too much salt in, too much pepper in and you sort of have to compensate. You have to add more flour or eggs, you have to make it work and taste good all over again.

You chew you history over and over like this trying to find the perfect mix, something that tastes aged and salted like smoked salmon, something you can bring back…

Oh god no, I am not talking about me, I am talking about you.

Yeah you had all those dreams the ones where your teeth were falling out or there was something chasing you trying to kill, that is normal. Tell me about your other dreams, the ones where you were playing basketball games and you willed yourself to dunk, the ones were you fly or breath underwater. Do you have those dreams anymore?

Of course you do.

Tell me about love… “tell me what it look like, tell me what it is” and all the places you found it.

I will give you a million dollars to shake it but you can’t, just let it ride.