Robbie showed up and he was young (old now) and always crucified and I always wondered what made the difference. His parents were the same, like your mom or my dad… and when you took his individual eyelashes in, or the dry skin that accumulated just before the slop of his earlobe, you couldn’t see it, but when you really stood back and looked at him as a whole, he was almost perfect and maybe that is the attraction. Somewhere, out there, the stars spin and collide and everything is sort of ugly, but somehow it every once and awhile gets it right.
This perfect soup.
But what made him different when he seemed so lost. Perhaps it has to do with all the extra attention? Like it sort propels you forward? But it is different, I mean, he is always checking his phone like a phantom limb, like the rest of us, he is connected but what does he have to share? And with who?
Robbie looks down at his phone again and smiles… like he knows something that you want to know.

In the end It will not make a difference. He will go through life perfect and happy, a matter of perception. We just need to think more like him.