to care


We did things, like reach into our souls and pull out knives of which we would carve our names on the tires of your transportation
It was hard to drive without thinking of us going up and down, a round and around.

Do you dream she said… and it was best this time of evening when the sun was just falling asleep and took so long in northern latitudes… you could play it all cool and felt just right, not to hot, not to cold and everything was a skinny mirror? You leaned in and kissed her… played it cool some more threw some stones into the ocean but she or you didn’t answer the question.

She had to be up early the next morning, work was work and hair was hair and it took forever. Under the five bathroom lights (two out) powder on the counter top, q-tips, two dirty towels, the wrappings of a maxi pad on the floor, a toilet flush. She always showed up to work, business as usual perfect and she didn’t understand how the guys didn’t comb their hair or shave the hair on the back of their necks. She could cut herself in half, right down the middle and still cook dinner.

Do you still dream he said… and they thought of all the things they put their names upon up and down around and around.