I really think that wrldmrine sucks, you suck. Rich sucks, Jeremy probably sucks... everything sucks... it just doesn’t seem original or challenging
I think I like my outside venues better than this wanker-ville. What can we do to make this better? There needs to be heart. Not on my side, but your side/their side, a sort of, Lets, let go! Eureka! Sort of thing. I- wake up at five in the morning, drive them to the airport, chose life over work, play over what ever. Chris, what are we doing? What are you doing, shall I throw up my arms in a wave. The wave. Like safco, like safety.
Let's do something original, it is such a Hail Mary long shot bomb pass away for you, but please, I ask you... think this way, get drunk, punch yourself, and think this way. Let's invite/invent the world to our venue, our home. Let's do something besides converting oxygen into tree air. For Christ sakes we are more human than human. I hope.