small things big


We can take all the things that are ordinary in massive boredom
Probably for the most part our light bulbs or mirrors aren’t all that different, that is probably why we don’t know who makes them, perhaps general electric makes your light bulb, have you ever looked? But who makes your mirror?
These ordinary things, the common things, have the ability to harbor some of the most significant events in our life.

The pitter patters of a child’s foot or head fall on linoleum
Sometimes we need to pay more attention to these things.

When I was a kid I had difficulty distinguishing between inanimate objects and those that were alive.

Felt bad when seats weren’t seated in
Felt bad when floors weren’t floored
Felt bad when shirts and pants and windows and roofs and rocks and birds and rabbits and walls and flowers and bushes and bugs and ants and water and ice and clouds
Weren’t thought about, just sort of left, at first loved and cared about but then not loved.

These events exploded my heart, I would walk around and sit into all the chairs and talk to them, I would try and stand on each board on every deck, I would take all the clothes out of my draws and put them on once, have a loving conversation with them before putting them back and promise them that I was putting them back… forever

These things of massive ordinary boredom… sometimes we think of them most when it all comes down to it.