slow thanks


Me: What do you think about movies back in the day, what influenced you?

Chris: That was when I was watching movies in the slowest of slow motion
Jimmy Stewart’s face full of expression, eyes almost always half closed moving through life
It seemed like all our lives were speeding up and trying to slice the surgeon chunks of time out of your life seemed impossible impossible… you just wanted it to slow, when you got ill with the flu, a death in the family, hit by a car, you were excused momentarily

Are they going to fire me, find someone better in my absence?

When I started this obsession of watching movies in slow motion, I would wait it out, wait Braden and Elliot and Tiff to sleep. There was a can of chew hidden behind the media chairs and PBRs in the fridge and a bowl of green in the garage.

There was nothing like it, these faces and hands and movements slowed down to the finest of motor skills. It had to be old movies, the kind that were more like plays, filming nothing but the actors and the spaces in which they occupied. The later movies somewhere, somewhere Steven Spielberg started to ruin this experience. The cameras started to float upon subtle things moving and flying all over the place, movies were no longer a play or people, they were god… and god was only filming children and making it all infantile… they are good movies, don’t get me wrong, but there is a difference between watching “I wish I was a kid movies, reliving my who whole kid life” to the “adult, please explain this life” and the only way to explain it is to slow it down, focus on the older ones and watch them for what they are.

Me: What songs would you play right now, November 23rd 2011 to make a point?

Chris: It is funny you ask that. There are quite a few songs as you know because I send them all to you constantly, but this morning listening to NPR I heard for some god damn reason Jason Segel talking about the new Muppet movie and apparently they did a cover of the “smells like teen spirit” so that is what I’ve been listening to today, I don’t know ask me tomorrow. Loving that Sharko “cinema tech” that you recommended. Go fuck yourself, fuck; did you get that last song I gave you by youth lagoon?

Me: you mean the guy with the whinny voice? I got that, I mean, it was good, got the album based off of your recommend, but it wasn’t suck your dick good. But that muppet song was extra good… I felt like I was black and white, all the beeps and bops. I would stick with that if I was you.

Chris: I got to go check something.

(chris comes back from the garage after about five minutes, something that his wife doesn't like and i kind of don't like, but not because he is smoking dope, but becuse he has a fridge filled of shitty beet, and tennis balls hanging from drywall to tell his car windshield to stop)

Chris: what's up nigga?

(then slowly walks over to the sink, then the fridge to get some ice and water out of the fridge, I am losing him)

me: nothing

Chris: do you need help logining on to the computer?

me: I try all the questions that Wes would ask, but it is no use, time to call Wes.