darwin didn't see this coming


1947, the first transistor, the most significant invention in the last century and you are all now here in this air breathing world reading this very page because it happened.

Networking layers by layers
Social layers facebook, twitter, the living creatures at the end of the machine.
They are proliferating and changing the world in only 30 years
Of course there are the dominate spices and you are all on crack because it is happening so fast you can’t keep up with it

Incredibly beautiful creatures that control you, there are more on you there are cells in your body, they were here long before you and will be here long after, they are the real computers, using sugar as fuel and chemicals are their internet, a communication.

The lowest levels, proteins are components, link enough and you can get enough circuits, get enough circuits and you get a system, get enough systems and we get a cell, enough cells and we have us…
Add layer and layer and we eventually have trillions of trillions of little computers making me type this to you and all of these computers are programmed off of DNA the language. This program or language has been the same for 4 billion years… and they run off of sugar.

Let’s make a computer that runs like this, a common language a simply complex system.

Mores law, get ready for the revolution. DNA synthesis is unreal and the cost is falling at such a rate that the cost of this is falling so fast,

Lowering cost of factor of 10…. 3 billion in the year 2000
1 million, three years ago
Last year, 100,000
December, 30, 000
September, 1,000
Next year 99 bucks

In Peru they made a camera out of bacteria, shine a light on bacteria it turns black, kids that have never been in a lab, you couldn’t teach it to students, or at least grad students, you had to focus on kids, kids were making megapixel cameras out of bacteria. They duplicated it, open sourced it… they stopped doing it in labs a long time ago, they started doing virtual simulations, they started adding genes from grapes, the one that starts with a “v” to beer and created cancer fighting beer.

We stopped hiring adults a long time ago, started with kids and gave them virtual Lego worlds based in the science of genetics and created these worlds of war craft environments for them to create in. these kids were creating things faster in two hours while playing a game then the top MIT labs could create in 5 years at the cost of 5 million dollars and they were doing it for free.

We don’t even know where we begin, where we end, we are continuous.