In the early stages we called it “push”
nudging human behavior into expected outcomes.
It was completely working off of game dynamics
Tethering effects and what drives people
We understood what motivated people and we were producing products that were capitalizing on the fact that people gravitated towards pleasure
It wasn’t until we started applying it to ourselves and staff
That we knew where it could take us

Outliers became game winners/changers, difference makers and end points we just rolled into all new beginning points. Everything became winnable and objectified, the culture switched from “Alaskan’t” to “Alaskan”

We shifted belief systems
Till everyone was drinking the Kool aide of invincible

It was almost as if we were getting ready for the new generation coming in when our board room became a ball room, the executive board table actually became a “ball room” meaning we bought out the nearby toys-r-us of all their balls and stuffed the center piece with a swirly slide and thousands of little plastic balls

We embraced new ideas about hiring younger and younger people and rejecting the preconceived MIT engineers

It was a beautiful time of kissing skies, and creating new envelopes of experience. /

We understood the basic concepts
Everyone, everywhere was all alone

And the system was ripe for adaptation
You should have seen it.

Notes from Enders game:

“hafta” to the “wanna” column.

Hafta= duty, work, slavery, efficiency (why do you want to care about it when it is hafta?)
Wanna=fun, play, freedom

Have to do things are where you are avoiding negative consequences
Want to do things; you are looking for positive consequences.

Games provide:
Clear feedback
Designed for pleasure and interactive
Sense of progress. You know it is solvable, real life is this way to just takes longer. Polio.
Mental and physical exercise
A change to satisfy your curiosity
A chance to solve a problem
Freedom and autonomy.

When people say “gamify” they really mean, let’s take my stuff more over into this column. We are moving to a pleasure based society. “Career satisfaction” people are caring less and less about numbers. Car commercials are good at this... they don’t really talk about horse power, or gas mileage as much as they talk about a feeling or perception

Pleasure is complex. We adapt. Think of “flow” and, it has to evolve with the user.
Mileage plans work for business men because they are all about “status” but that doesn’t work for others. We are going to make you platinum, and you walk on first everyone gets to walk past you”
Now apply this at toys ‘r’ us. You walk in and say you are platinum, you would think you spend too much money… or Safeway. You don’t care about status, but rather “save a penny” mentality so they offer you ten cents savings. Visa-versa if you tried this with the platinum airline dude they would scuff and be like… "I am rich"

Psychologist don’t know or focus much on pleasure, they focus more on suffering and treatment, but gaming industry and theme parks know more about it then the top psychologists.

Gamify is really making your design more pleasurable, or better put, more motivating.

Focus on two ideas, ask you, given what I know about my users, guests or clients… why will they like this experience and how could I get them to like it more.

We were soon shifting this to everything we did, and tapping into googles of information... the data just started seeping out of individuals. We were looking at industry leaders. EA sports were number one forever in this process, how did they do it with such yearly Apollo 13 like dead lines. How did they harbor creativity in the hardest of extrinsic environments?

It was almost like “time boxes” created a Petri dish of innovation.
The answers were all around us, prison systems had great notification processes developed of sex predators, the airline industry had understood hand-offs with minors better than we understood handoff of lab result/ support sytems.

We stripped our guts from the inside out all our past and future and put a fingerprint on health care forever lasting.

There was nothing to fear, nothing at all.