golden arms


I’m always interested into you
The way your arms move down into pockets
Into expressions

Here is how it plays out, I left my heart in a room, walked around and ate a lot, drank a lot took some pictures of all the teeth of what could see, as if I could reach out and eat it and bite it, digest it but the truth is that I am moving so fast though life that I don’t even cut my own lawn, I just call up computers to come and keyboards that, somehow mouse click their way to a babe like you.. that somehow laughs

Tonight this is your life

My dad sends a text that I cannot receive, I call him to leave a message, my wife sends me a picture of my kid that I cannot touch, until I am wasted arms and eyes just falling about trying to figure out ways to make sense of it all…. My fingers, hands arms, eyes all chopped and having to put it all back together again…

Slowly, one piece at a time making sense of a history.