ho ho grind, until you cover up with sheets


Here is how it starts, open glasses
“Any unpredictable live shit”
Pull out the head phones, dip the chew… or fog yourself in whatever way you know how
Until eventually it is this sort of ice cream scooper reaching down into you head and pulling out all the good shit.
“Some reptile brain shit”

It’s like we got all this information and we cannot even fucking walk around, it’s like I am walking from my car to the door and my cell in bling bling bling, ring ring ring, and I gots to answer this shit in 140 characters or less in the most meaningful way I know how…As I walk, over snow and through doors, I can’t shake you niggas

We have some games here
When you look at in long run, filling up your lungs to the bottom of your finger tips
You can’t give it up… you want to win and show em your wolves in sheep clothes.

Turning off, in a hotel room so far away, Tokyo
Looking over parks slowing down in some of the fastest paced places ever… waking up late, sleeping until my mind can take it all in, not worrying about my luggage or my next flight. Forget me

Never mind/ got a text, turn the phone off… and listen to the air conditioner hum.

My Mortgage is fucking ":&#$%"##
Lawn fucking stupid
Never had a bon fire
Or broke a beer bottle over my head
Never watched particles fall softly into heat and rise high
Never kissed the ilk of your skin
Never rushing the Nile
Betting on bell curves
Until you fall out of the sky into my arms

Grinding away