an email to chris


Chris, I am looking at getting a new computer. Am thinking about getting a dell laptop... something with a payment plan that way it is cheaper at first.... Do you have any recommendations? Help me pick out something I want it to be pretty supped up with wireless abilities. I will buy it with my work bonus. Hell I think I want it faster than that now that I think about it. When you get back, let's go down to best buy and pick me out some good shit. Anyway, enjoy yourself in Florida, I hope you get sunburn.

PS, I am 215 pounds now. I am fat; I am going to die of kidney failure, or maybe some sort of liver malfunction. Better yet, a heart attack because my human blood pumping machine is not used to all this extra work it is now being tasked to do for simple movements like, "sitting down" let along walking up stairs.

I am so fat my skin hurts

My pants don't fit

Or do fit,

But are tight and there are holes worn just below the belt buckle where my fat rolls push it down into my levies

I can't sleep at night

Horrible dreams

Of whales and cows

Plus I hate Chris

And I have to play him at basketball

But will my knees be able to hold my lethargic state

All the weight

Slower movement

Hard to stop

Like the cygnet ramming into the Roche harbor dock

Nothing we could do about it


Sit back and let it happen

But I will make the changes

I will start running

(Never ate right)

I will sun bath

And probably there will be women

Lots of women

That I would like to loose weight for

Muscles would be a plus

Ripping-through-my-shirt, muscles

I want to shop at old navy

And look good at what ever I put on

But yet I still get laid

Is it my wit?

Not my looks

Could never be my looks

It is my mouth

My big fat mouth

I make them believe


I am a looser

God help me

Back to getting laid

I still do

Does that confirm it then?

That I can still get laid even though I am fat

Who knows?


Think about it