Nobody really knows this, but my thing is creating art in limited ways. I think part of the things that made or makes America great, or makes art great is just this fact. If you look at the American landscape now... Hollywood just about tops the list of shit producers out there, they produce shit it, eat it, spread it and people seem to eat it, nothing to big considering that before Hollywood, music did the same with radio. The best shit flingers figure out the radio, music, picture business... The best artists expel and revolt it and operate in an area that is completely outside of it. Most of this is just chance by the way.

Everything you "like" is probably new, everything you find "comfort" in is most likely not, the only reason you are tuned in is because you identify the pattens. This is normal and based in the most fundamental limbs of human behavior, pattern recognition. I see, I understand, makes things simple= good, I can eat, bring home the money- sort of sod shit we are used to. The reality is that our brains, our "programs" are built for this. In order to create we have to constantly deconstruct this.

Let's take a step back. Besides the fact that ever song you ever heard is some sort of remix of something that already existed, and that every movie in the last five years is a sequel or remake.... What do you really like? What makes you feel good?

why am I even trying to explain this or justify it, how about I just write about some of the things I have had fun experimenting with in the past.

Writing left handed
Filming in one continuous shot
Never editing
Only composing from a cell phone
Only composing under an influence
With a five minute time frame
In an airport
With a child screaming
Only thumbs
Never eating
While eating
In the slivers of time between your wife going to sleep and the cries of your child awaking, while on the couch on one of your only days off, before you fall asleep, under the influence, having to piss, on nothing but a cell phone, with bills to pay.

Now take some of these ideas to work and they will think you are "insightful"