It it


Getting fitted for my golf swing "group on"
Another human being watching the way my body moves
Recording it
Record it
Document it
Copy and paste it
Post it on you tube
Share it
It's going fast this greatness
But it will live on

Office with a window, Mark comes over... "Banging"
Mark is impressed with my window, it's a corner, two panes of glass sliding together to watch the geese shit and honk. "Impressive"... Mark is pretty cool and about ten levels above me so I really don’t believe too much about what he has to say, but know he pulled some strings to get me here… “Fuck that, wu-banger” I reply
And Mark smiles appropriately… that was weird, he asks me some questions about the overlays on the new interface. Mark likes to question me on these things because he is basically invested, the grantor and I the grantee, but half the time I have no idea what he is talking about and knowing Mark’s limited value system and appreciation for being bleeding edge, rather than talk Microsoft, I just talk “mark” which is basically forming words together that mark will never understand and thinks is “cutting edge”

“It’s Franco in Spain, we got’s to whip these niggas and engage em” Mark knows virtually nothing about world history or the globe as a whole so it is always easy to shake him with geography. “It’s like the Nile some times, Dublin isn’t getting it, that’s why I am here” Markey boy rubs his hands together… he is wicked excited. Fucking retard, his fantasy football team sucks dog balls.

Later Brandon comes by, Brandon was a fat Midwesterner, and there is no other way to put it. Some where his meager intelligence has catapulted him through our ranks and the kid is making bank, he swings by my new digs and because he has lost weight I know I am in for the “Brandon show”

“Nigga please, wu banger” he says, raising his hands up in the air for some sort fist bumpish high fiving action… Which means Mark told Brandon to stop by, which means the music I was telling Mark about is already out and all these fools will be at the show later tomorrow tonight. It’s hard being fucking “it”

The Sh”it” that is

We have it arranged in cars, well, to put it simply, we have a highly organized caravan of caravans that involves an intricate layer of baby sitters, wife ok-ing, showmanship, networking, getting drunk and stoned driving, paying the babysitter, kissing the wife and making it all ok-ing…

Maybe that is our skill set. We know what is hip, sort of, we know how to do it, sort of, we know how to get it, sort of… and we show up to work everyday on time and make it happen.