garlic lamb


The meeting goes like this, this is how the meeting goes.
Mark calls it an offsite work session to “get the get ups” on the costumer experience for the new roll out. Mark is sort of running the shit, the we are down at the Joker and Mark always foursquares it before he gets out of his Audi, so it is best that we don’t until after he does.
Mark checks in, we order two pitchers of PBR, and start talking wings.
“how is the release management going?” he says
Like any good soldier Brandon jumps on the grenade, “the Devs are fucking us, but we have a couple of guys pulling strings so we are on target. No punting”

Mark turns to me “Chris?”
“on a plane next week to hermansville… a couple of kebaps and call it good.” Its moment like these I like to speak my version of another language…”wenn Sie 15 Minuten musste fassen Sie Ihre Fortschritte, wie würden Sie es tun?“

Things are good enough for a round of golden tee.