anytime spillane goes a while without updating, i will post something very old that no one has ever seen


well sport,
I am excited about you getting the webpage up and running again, about the stuff you will post on it. some where along the way, people are reading it. checking it out. but not because of that. I like to see what it is that you find is interesting. it is always different than what I find to be interesting... when writing i think it will relate to you say to myself, ah, Chris will like this, he will get it... but yet you respond with something that I hadn't even figured.... you got to love art... the art of creating...

I have motioned to you already that I have started a new journal... I is a little bigger, I hope to claw my way through at least half of it by the time I get out there in sept. that way you will have something to read.

speaking of which, I started to enquire about ticket prices, it looks like things will cost me around 600 plus to fly... that isn't to bad.

I cant wait to get back out there to my home... Seattle is not my home... but up north, there in the islands. wait until you see, it is fucking awesome. a can guarantee you right now that it will be the most beautiful place that you have seen to date, and i will immerse you in it leave it in your mind to think about from here on out. my father went out there once when i was younger, he went out there on the ships... and just seeing that place, he knew he had to get back. hence my life story and his current residence. you just wait tiger.