Billy the Kid


These are the ones I Killed
1. Dan O’Reilly a construction worker accident, spontaneous combustion
2. Ethan O’Bannon, over cards one night where we pulled wool over eyes
3. Shawn of Mc Carty, horse carriage on a corner of my dream
4. Dennis Sullivan, shot through the heart
5. Jimmy Spillane, a long draw at 100 yards against the odds, through the gut
6. Matty Johnston an Englishman pushed off a cliff, his bones in sunlight, his wife running off the very next day
7. Sir James Ryan, the long con
8. Valeria, through the tit
9. Harvey, through the ass
10. Karl H. his fumbled head bouncing up and down a train track
A vacuum, what are you going to do. What are you gonna do when I come for you?