She was peeling of skirts, I was peeling off muscles from spine to scapula, while slow sucking the olive oil and arugula
A panspermia of every experience every book, a mooncalf emotion.
I was calling Gavin up over and over again, with him never answering my calls or text, some sort of Starbucks revenge. My kids just seemed to be these balls of cuteness, everything they would say and do were pictures on calendars words in journals,. Their soft gentle hugs and kisses frowny upside down lips and pushed up clown eyebrow expressions.
The sun was out today, slow down, and slow down.
I would say, just take it day by day. Here is what we know. Your wife loves you, everything is faster than it looks, money is good, you ask me where the hell it is going, a thousand feet per second, just slow down, until you hear their gentile footsteps surveying the earth for your hug.
We keep forgetting Kodiak, the mountains drilling holes in themselves the rivers below, the life as you know it should be. Here is a master plan, show me the world I would like to see, I make enough money until you can shove me away, and we can be alright.

I will start from nothing and say the right things