When it all comes down to it, it is really heart beats. Standing at the door, looking in at heart beats. Boom boom boom
Breath in, breath out my life, my love.
Your body all these mechanical casting fishline wondering (the best times in my life, learning to fish in Kodiak, Gavin, you me, catching pinks, the rivers that I just wanted to jump into, over and over again, like I could be a part of them and the mountains that they came from, I imagined it as a baptism, I want it to be cold and unique, different and me, I wanted to start over)... in the deep.
We were climbing mountains and walking though woods with bear shit, trees and tire swings, beaches and humans before they were.
All I know is that I donít want to stop. My arms, legs, my head, eyes and ears holding dead birds, a brown sparrow in the palm of my hand like stumbling.
These weird moments in life are where all the magic happens, the places where you are filled with paste/glue sticks and kisses, the places where you dance and dance with it.
Just run, and spin your arms around, turn off all the lights, dance some more, feel, kiss and smell, wrestle and hug because you can, because you can boom, boom, boom.

Don't worry about me.
You started me over and over again.