a look at music


Here is another one for you. Janacek Sinfonietta, it is great for the modern mind, jumping all over the place in 30 second windows, but all you have to listen to is the first 30 seconds then let it leave your conscience because the rest can be a handful of shit.

Now for the reverse of this, again, Ravel’s Bolero… when you are thinking about filming and want to really make a point, this is how you do it. Much like a good cook barbequing you “slow and low”

Perhaps this is how you should start your night off. Play a little fast song then Bolero. Imagine yourself conquering yourself accepting yourself.
Everything you do is about the journey and let us not forget this. The journey needs to have many things, number one, conflict. Create some conflict for Christ’s shake, don’t leave him hanging.

Ok here is another one, Rod Stewart Young Turks, for one line “life is to brief and time is a thief” fold by and excellent chorus.
Then being a little jacked up on what some pop music, I felt a need to change it up…Trent Rezor’s In Motion from the hit sound track “The Social Network”…
this is a nice cascading jaunt pour moi. Starting classical, to pop, to film. Oooohhh this is such a good song when you are in the trenches of thinking, but how to do you wake up?

I suggest the middle of the road. We are getting to emotions here, remember the journey bit, let us take this together. Division Day Baretrap Island… that an excellent sound reeking of poetry.

“My arm comes back all sticky,
But you're removed, for now.
You'll come around again
As a dirty kid
With insects all in your mouth.
But, after thirteen months
On Beartrap Island,
I'll have learned the words
To bring you down.”

Ok now I need to ramp it up, but slow. Bowser Andrew. This will signify the changing of the guard. You this is a lot like the Trent Reznor bit, good for programing, now we need to slowly dip our feet into the pool. Light Asylum Dark Allies is a good melodic tune that can start this process off right. You are writing now and going over yourself something that will be gone 50 years from now

Your feelings and stories should have accumulative properly by now. Let’s think of a release.

The best song for this is Spank Rock “What it look like”. This song will make you feel sooooo good. If you have limited access to this song I suggest Jai Paul BTSTU… if you listen to either of these songs you will run shit like Larry Bird.

“My past is a broken sham and dust but my guts don't even believe me. She don't even believe me it's like you can't see me. I got a whole nother study that I'm constantly feeling nothing much that's to ever to such touch, such so much to clean nuttun but butt nigga I'm really touched.”

Your story sort of feels strong… you have to piss, get another drink, you come back to the computer, throw the head phones on, “what are you going to listen to?” here is one

Sean Lennon Mystery Juice. It goes from slow to quick back to slow, our emotions move faster now and we have to get to the point, we are older now in life and we have suffered avalanches and barricades both of which involve being buried in one way or the other. Out story is wrapping up.

Here are some good songs to finish with.
1. Kurt Vile- Smoke Ring for my Halo
2. Leadbelly- Black Betty (gut ending)
3. Panda Bear-Alsatian Darn (this kid understands the beach boys more than any other)
4. Bruce Springsteen-I’m in Fire… (I know, but I have a bad desire)
5. Jacob Dylan-Nothing but the Whole Wide World
6. Here we go magic-Tunnelvision