pulled apart by horses and other things.


Here is what happened. My dad, mom, and step dad all died within 9 months of each other. In between there was a couple of good friends too, heart attacks and heroine, what difference does it make when you love them…there was little time to be elastic as we were, like some sort of rubber band that was getting pulled back and it got too far to let go, like a hot air balloon that you were holding onto afraid to let go of at 10ft and next thing you knew we were at 50ft.
This weekend we are in Kenai at a discotech of which I am controlling with my most excellent windows phone, a Lumia 920. The young turks (for some reason I am also in Germany) are hopping about and dancing and I am the DJ. I am ever so carful to make the song transition fit the ambiance. If I see a girl signaling with her hair to a young man I make sure to have the next song (as I view fit) ready to go, because we all know the soundtrack of life. (Caribou, I care about you)
-Do you want anything?
-More alizarin please (my secret language for give me the red juice! This server is good, I sort of catch a glance at her, the old up and down uncontrollable. They wear all black, smart move. We can see her rolls, but can’t help but imagining holding it, flesh in fingers, soft)
That guy and girl we are we were talking about, they are now kissing or at least it looks like from vantage point.
Little Dragon-let go
There making out becomes more consistent, we don’t want that though, let’s keep them on their toes shall we?
On the overhead projector we are playing the official video of Knife-without you my life would be boring, while playing the sounds of Major Lazer’s Aerosol Can.
The crowd starts dancing and she pulls his hand out onto the dance floor I feel bad for this young fellow. Followed by Hype Williams-Find out… they remain dancing still, it is funny to watch because they are trying to figure out the best way to move their extremities to the new sounds, most of the people are leaving the dance floor and now ordering drinks. The girl has left the guy, but if they don’t five up I will make it all up to them, I will play music they have never heard before that sinks to deep down into the very soul of the experience that they are really reaching for, my experience. Enjoy.

We must have had 15 Heinekens each, and ordering hot wings. These were most of the moments that Chris felt supreme in and was probably so. We were playing some quarterback challenge game and seriously it became super easy no matter how intoxicated were, to throw the tiny little footballs through the 50 yard hole. I would observe Chris and he would become so full of light, like everything we were doing now was better than everything we have ever did before, everything HE has ever done before. It was fun to watch him grow, it was beautiful to watch him become stronger. I, on the other hand, was doing something completely different. I was prospecting towards the darkness.
The young Turk now looks confused and is trying with over the should glances to try and find this dark curly haired beauty that he just kissed, hell, perhaps she is Turkish too, we will call her Iris. I already know her story, she I young and wanting to meet an American, so much so that she is willing to play basketball with me and a couple of other guys, in which I invite her and besides all these strong beautiful men I capture her with talent mixed with inquisitive insight and over all obvious lack of basketball skills that I have.
-hey look at me, you know I can play basketball well, but watch my goof off and throw the ball up into the air without a chance
-yes I know this, but I can’t help but smile at your silly attempts to win my liking
-I know, I will keeping doing this, because I like your curly long hair and the way it drapes down upon your breast like the girl from the north country fair, I like the way you…
She farted when she had an orgasm, I couldn’t get past that, and now she is down below dancing with my friends.
Everything chris did, or took part in (my madness) was about the experience. I would say,
-chris, let me show you about how it really works
I would show him the modern day mail system with the combination locks and how, out of easy they just set their locks to turn to the next number. We would spine a hundred locks and look at everyone’s mail.. he would be so happy… I would dive deeper. Chris looks at this we just broke into the motor pool, lets fuck with ever Humvee, let’s drive them all around and make it crazy. He would drive around and make them all crazy. Happy as fuck.
-chris lets spray pain Wes on the side of the W (Walmart wall) we will use the W, as the first letter of Wes.
And he would run out with the spray paint can
-chris let’s lay down on the train tracks, let’s lay the camera on train track and see what happens,
Step by step, over shadowing my darkness with light. It was like hanging out with some sort of Forrest Gump.
Just doing shit to do shit…
“They say candy man, candy man spit me a dream, blow a chunk of the levee out and spit me a stream. Knock a man’s house down and build me a casin, lames get their plane shot down like John McClain. “
Now, I don’t care who you are, but it is time to listen to Bolero- the London symphony, in a mashup of death grips and Bjork…. Until it slowly pulls back to what the original song is… nobody is dancing, they just seem to be snuggling up next to each other.
Hearing damage-Thom Yorke
Dead Kennedys-Terminal Preppie.
It started to get to a point where I figured it all out.