i'm here for adventure


Where are all the bodies in need of so many organs? Hey I got this for you, pieces and parts of what makes it all go around, let’s just keep your mind a little longer.. hey dad, its nothing more than livers and bile ducts, hey mom it’s like hearts and pass the message along to Jim “lungs” they are like so yesterday.

So many folks in need of organs!

We are 3D printing this shit off of a surface tablet.

Too big to fail like banking systems and economies, we can just keep your eyeballs alive in a fish tank until we can sort it all out, downloadable. Some sort of shit like that.

I have kids that are sick now, with cold sores on their tongues and they can’t tell me if it is foot and mouth or strep throat…

We need to open up data, from a healthcare perspective and release ourselves from the norm. this stuff is predictable and too protective.
“if you got a girl, you should treat her kind, always give her a loving sign to let her know, take her on the town, you could be a funny a clown if she wants to laugh, because love will see it though, it’s got to make things new, if the future could be good, you got to and you should”

Just like mommy and daddy did…\\ Always keep your heart in tune, always do the best you can, love will see you trough and some other stuff like that, I couldn't keep up. -Denial Johnston

No perhaps an opposite.

The Pedigree- for me to get to know you better, there is something I should let you know, to me you are just another lady, going to have to me let me go, I realize the thing you gave me, doesn't really include a thing I need, so why you try to deny It baby, I’ll be gone before you sleep.

I would like to think this is some kind of narrowing down, but there is no narrowing down. I am just me, to songs about my love for my wife and my family layered over each other, nothing different about any of them it just happens and you have to keep taking the new layers an sorting them, sand pushing them into your lungs and be happy with all the things you imagined like a million air bubbles inside of your soul. An artist so gifted and talent under your skin. A smile that you like to keep having even when you know the having in dark.

I am your shoulder to cry on, it’s going to be all right, and love will come, watch it spread out over the darkness over and over again. It is funny how it works. Basketball and skateboarding become stupid, I never thought that would be possible. But sunsets and smelling geraniums will replace it, your other memories will replace it. We will have organs and love too big to fail. I say this to you and my friends. just wait for the love.

until we are all to big to fail, a big giant ball of our memories, because that is what makes us over and over again.