two moons


Sometimes I look at my sister Erin as planet and I am the moon. I donít know how many moons a planet can have or how man planets a moon can have, but for me there is only one.

One and one

Complimenting each other between tides so perfectly placed.
Did you know the moon is of the earth, something to do with asteroids slamming into its surface and blowing huge chunks of it into a space until the moon itself created its own gravitational force, slowly forming over time and pulling itself together eventually shaping the way things move on earth. A nice orbit and polar caps and all, allowing me to begin.
It was further away or closer perhaps this would not be.

You would not be you and I would not be me, so when I look at my Father and Mother and think about us I canít help but think of Erin. Like we are all these planets just sort I flung out into the chaos soup and her with her gravitational pull centers me, and me with my perfect orbit allows life on earth.

So I ask you, ďdo you enjoy yourself, do you enjoy your life and sunset?Ē

If so you can thank the Spillanes for making this happen.