a sunday in march in washington


chris, i am off all sunday morning and afternoon... sunday looks like a better day for snow, unless something holds up the weather system. you should head up here saturday night, we should night ski a little and party. then on sunday morning wake up bright and early and ride all morning. at 5pm we are having our company party and i want to invite you to attend. at 9pm i will be apart of this toruch light parade where selected superstar employee's such as myself hold flares in our hands and come snaking down the mountain like something out of the 13th warrior, all the time hoping not to burn ourselves. it would be something cool to film. eather way, at 5pm the mountain will close down for employees only. this is the part where Chris Holland becomes VIP, and gets to ride with me and my friends all night, we will also feed you and give you free drink tokens. so sunday it is on... i hope i fit into you heavy day of home depot, pier one import, bath and beyond, i am buying a new home, having and child, while running out of rum... life schedule.