We think there is something important to be said about Radiohead. Not the music and how good it sounds, but something that touches deeper in a Jung approach. There are things about being human that supersede us, and there are things about our intellect and our psyche and all of science’ if you will’ that create this “collective conscience” that we are born with and know. That is the magic in which Radiohead, Murikami and all the greats work from. They are able to glaze upon this light and scrape from it cups of youth.
We like it in and instinctive manner because are far less removed from dogs than we wish. What we know now, (actually just recently) is that history and experience is actually passed down at a genetic level. I remember my father at gas works park in Seattle talking to me about this, he said “it is horrible that all things that grandpa Harvey learned and all the things that I have learned cannot be passed down to you, downloaded in some way, it is like we are always starting over.”
This is not true any longer.
At a level unbeknownst to us there are stressor genes that have significant consciences on human behavior…
In the study, which is published in the journal of Nature Neuroscience, the researchers trained mice to fear the smell of cherry blossom using electric shocks before allowing them to breed.

The offspring produced showed fearful responses to the odor of cherry blossom compared to a neutral odor, despite never having encountered them before.

The following generation also showed the same behavior. This effect continued even if the mice had been fathered through artificial insemination.

The researchers found the brains of the trained mice and their offspring showed structural changes in areas used to detect the odor.

The DNA of the animals also carried chemical changes, known as epigenetic methylation, on the gene responsible for detecting the odor.

All backing you Jung. So when we look at this from a stressor point of view we get it, we get all the fears that we have and why we are turning our lives into these opposite tide directions. But if you look at it in a different manner that, perhaps your genetic offload of hair and eye color and dominate genes have passed onto you and that perhaps a synapsis. at the inner most parts of your brain are ready for…
All the good things that are getting ready to happen.
Perhaps we pass on all the bad and all the good at the same time, like road map. Hoping that the next do not get distracted by YouTube, dancing with the stars and Snapchat, but rather calm themselves and just listen… to the stars
I think about this now, and every generation before me who went through this with television and roller-skates at the drive in. all the passing tides and holding it all in. suddenly soon there will be a moment where we as humans just let it all out. No more hidden, perhaps this is just about the same moment where AI takes off. A sort of handing off of the torch to this thing that is better than us. We will always think as we are withering away that we were better, “AI will never know what it is like to be human” how we felt, how there is this collective conscience that we didn’t really truly believe in, or a god that we only sort of stung ourselves to. Our greatest challenge, the most threating challenge to us as a humanity is the fact that AI will completely embarrass us and expose us for the frauds that we are. We can hide behind the masks for only so long.
“You don’t know what it is like to be me?”
We will say, but the algorithms will be there and yes “It” will know what it is like to be you and you can longer keep hiding behind that shield.
You will say
“I have this feeling”
And it will say back to you
“We have the same feeling”
It might not know what it is to be you, it will only know what it is to be you times one million.
And that is where we loose and scrape the bottom of the barrel.

This is what we get…
Things move on though, let’s just say you are human living in this new world. What skills as a human do you have that can be represented now… all AI wants to be more human. Literally all AI will never know what it is to die.
How do us ourselves express that, our greatest asset will be the fact that we are finite. And to a degree, AI understands this that it will die that the universe is only so big and massively complicated.
Welcome to my… death I say to you.