-It just seems like everything I care about is moving away.

-what the fuck are you talking about?

-I mean the separation between want and need.

-are you talking about your kids again?

-I am talking about everything that was ever human. David Foster Wallace once said, “what is writing, when it comes down to it, what if fiction, it us, what it is to be fucking human.” Now I don’t expect everyone to go out and read David, but what expect is that you have an intellect strong enough to understand suffering under the human condition.

-that is a lot, you sound like a crazy

-perhaps, but in my hotel room I was watching the food network, and there was this “hell’s Kitchen” or something, I can only guess that was the name of the show because it was Gordon Ramsey and the logo behind his back was “HK” and he was creating some sort of challenge, where the participants had to taste a bit of one of his favorite dishes that he cooked up. And then like some sort of three strikes you’re out, with a time limit they had to run up to a massive table where there was ever food you could ever know. I think the show I was watching was something about “guess what protein is in the food I am serving you” and you had these contestants running around all mad taking bites of lamb and cow, chicken, polenta, soy, peanuts, cashews, sardines. One lady knew for sure it was ‘pork’ another lady ran and grabbed a rack of lamb, bones all hanging out.

She went back to her table and Gordon did the whole gamified, family feud impression and gave them a second strike! A second strike, they only had 30 seconds, fuck me… so this lady ran back with the rack of dead baby sheep and dropped it on the floor, kicked it around a bit and finally got to the main table of meat. She was in time, so what the hell let’s test your stupid taste buds.

- so being the good journalist that I am, before the whole food bit, what do you mean by moving away.

-I think people are moving away. From everything that is important to them. I feel guilty because I am slowly moving away from the things I care most about. I have to make the decisions every day, the rake of my family and kids.

-are you comparing it to poker

-no you are comparing it to poker. Did you not just get the fact that on TV we have human beings, large human beings tripping over racks of lamb (baby sheep) that they will never eat, because, fuck it fell on the floor and we are too good for that. I’m just saying. What does that look like to the rest of the world?

-horrible I suppose
-not right?
-really it took all this to get to this?
-but let’s turn the tides just yet.
(We order another round of drinks)

-so tell me about the bubbles?

-fuck you, what do you want to know about the bubbles?
-you mentioned earlier the bubbles and I thought it important to talk about them.
- The bubbles are only something I know. They work a certain way, I create a bubble you see and float it out there, it’s a thought no more or less, but it is my thought and we float it our bubbles there. We want to see if they will be touched, if they will emerge. We want to see the steel behind that people talk about.

-ok you lost me there, steel.
-ok , I have to take a wicked piss.