My father had these big wide feet, these big beautiful wide feet that matched his big wide beautiful shoulders that pulled themselves down into his strong forearms and capturing hands.
I think one the biggest things I will always remember about my father his how he just wore shoes. He would always get leather derivatives and wear the fuck out of them, they would always mold and shape to my father. Like Marlon Brando of feet.
There is something about that, something about physically dominating a space, controlling it and having it alter itself to you and your presence.
I always wanted to dominate space like this, to put myself into places that I never should have been and come across as the influencer. A shaper.
We shape you as you read this.
He would never want me to give up the writing. And if he ever knew about wrldmrine holy shit it would be throwing his soul into finding all the best of these writings and trying to bring them public, but the best part about these writings is that they are mostly me and only me and they are extending for the better part of 10 years now. A subconscious safety haven that Chris has afforded me and only my understanding wife checks out every once in a while. The most beautiful thing about this is that I can lay it out, my children, my father, my mother, Jim, Ethan, Andy, and all the others that came before me and have gone before me.
So where does that leave us, we are these big wide feet. And we have to fill out these big wide shoes and sort of walk around and make life beautiful. Fill it out I say. Make our life my fatherís shoes, bend your life to you and your presence on this earth. Let life shape itself around you, and not you around it.