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David foster Wallace would always say… what is writing. “it’s about being fucking being human”

I am human and I exist. And hope when I write you can see this. You can look at my mother and father and Ilk and get this. If you are Chris reading this you know me, if you are Kim and you read this you feel it deep in your bones. Someday my children will read this, (I have no idea how it is so backwoods) but they will see that I existed and struggled.

-What did you struggle with what is that about?

-shit kid you have to be better than that. Your kids need to know
It was all about them. I couldn’t wake up day in and day out without thinking of new plans to make their life better.

-is it?

I don’t know, I try and try, I pull the skin of the lion off over and over again. I try my hardest to be the collected works of Billy the kid and you shall know our velocity and a part of me separates and becomes
Gravities Rainbow.

I think you got it

-why thank you