Kodiak, Kodiak


March into the sea my friends and let the cold fresh become a part of your new tomorrow. This was how I felt in Kodiak, dipping myself into Winter Rivers baptismal. Over and over again. There was sky and mountains all these places you should have been and I kept thinking about how to tell them to you. I had my camera and was filming it and picturing it and you were getting so left in the dust. Me an Kim dancing every night, and kissing a round and around wine bottles and eating Safeway deli. It couldn't have been never was worse than you ever known. I was dancing Cody in the living room, I was Wes in thought, and I was me in action. I was tumbling through my life and for the first time free to just fucking fish and hike mountains and watch snow at night. There were rick snow plows pushing into our living room and hockey sweat and banyans. All of this before we had kids.
The snow
That kept coming and covering up everything.
The snow will always be sacred like angels crying and tossing out left overs down to earth. Till we ran around in and out and into and created our own foot prints. Like these paths forward. Much like word across a page.
Let it snow
My mom and hockey nights and thinking about taking off my pads because they smell bad and my mom wouldn’t want that.
The sky and my father talking about the future in past tense. Until I just kicked backed on treadmill runs and watch the cosmos.
My son jumping up and up and down and down on my organs.
There was nothing like Kodiak, there is nothing like Kodiak.