worms for humans


Have you ever listen to Blind Willie Johnson, have you ever listened to Lead belly. Black Betty?

How about Ravel: Bolero?
How about Leo Janacek Sinfonietta: I. Allegretto-
How about Andre Laplante: Le Mal Du Pays?
Bruce Springsteen: I’m on fire
Bob Dylan: lay, Lady Lay (I would send this shit into space)
Daniel Johnston: Life in Vain
Dean Blunt: The Pedigree, (always good for aliens) followed by Flaxen.. I want them to know how we work a harp.
Jai Paul: BTSU… just so they know
Light Asylum: Dark Allies… getting real, every human at the top of their game sheds the skins of all that have become before them. They just sort of go and go and go…
Lou Reed: just a perfect day, so they know that we know we can fuck it all up.
Panda Bear: Alsatian Darn… (it is important that all a intelligence knows that intelligence looks like. In the most complex of sounds…. Like the Beatles and beach boys but more new.)_
Salem: Trapdoor… it is also important so know our darkness
Spank Rock: What It Look Like
Trent Reznor: In Motion, just so you know how we get down.
Thom York: Truth Ray… so you can feel what I feel every day.