words i didn't use today


Gloaming: the fall of the evening as the time of dusk or gloom; the twilight (I thought about this last night coming home, or back to my hotel room whatever you want to call it, and the snow was falling softly and it just seemed so gloaming, at the same time I also thought about the Radiohead song: The Gloaming)

Bloviate: To orate pompously; used especially of politicians and news (Flicking through the channels back in the hotel room, I also thought about how much I do this myself when Suzie called me a Chatty Kathy, it just brought me to my knees)

Solferino: The color of rosaniline; an intensely chromatic and luminous purplish rose-color (this morning’s sunrise of which I took a picture [insert picture here] and then I took three more, over and over again it reminded me of the fires that Kenai had this summer, except this was the reward, the beauty after the destruction)

Tramontane: Being or situated beyond the mountains- such as the alps (This is a town close to the Alps in Italy, so when you use this word you are saying that you feel the mountains much like they feel it looking towards the alps in Italy. (always in the Crescent of all Alaska)

Celadon: A Pale and rather grayish green color occurring especially in porcelain and enamel (It thought this while watching DT-Traks presentation, my they use a lot of green, what a peaceful color. Go forward it says!)

Vicissitude: Regular change or succession of one thing to another (Everything seems to be happening for a reason and things seem to be leading to the next, almost as if we are story tellers)

Esurient: Inclined to eat and hungry (about 10am I felt this way, so happy to eat at 11am… the Hungarian mushroom soup capital of the world)

Sough: A murmuring sound, a rushing or whistling sound, like that of wind or deep sigh (I kept hearing this all day, almost to the point of checking my ears as a swimmer does getting out of the pool)

Benighted: intellectually or morally ignorant, unenlightened (This really comes from the Haruki Murakami novel 1Q84, where the leader is talking to folks about a time before people knew)

Bibliopole: a bookseller; now especially, a dealer in rare curious books (this just jumped into my mind when thinking about books I want to get on my amazon wish list. You see, this is the only thing I really ever ask for on Christmas, it is books I want them in drives and they are mostly the hardest books to obtain. One year I asked for the Oxford English Dictionary ‘the corner stone of any good library I said’ and my wife thought, ‘what a dumb ass, he wants just a dictionary’ but then it was crazy. Published for the first time in 1857, it is 21,728 words featuring the complete biography of every word ever written in the English language approximately 20 volumes. It’s history itself is amazing with many books copulating around its genesis, ‘Samuel Johnson is Indignant’ or ‘The Professor and the Madman’ I love to bend minds with this Christmas wish list item.)

Apocryphal: Well-known but probably not true (Cerner)

Acerbic: expressing harsh or sharp criticism in a clever way (This is probably the most common language of Yanks. We throw it under our breath and hint at it is sleep tones. I wish I was better a man, but I am not)

Remontant: Blooming more than once a season (Really a flower, but I stopped to take a picture of Veronica's, I have done this before in summer and now it winter and sleepy covered with snow and while tacking these two pictures in my histories, I immediately imagined putting them side by side, bright summer flower with cats handing about and soft magnificent snow dreams)

Fomorian: One race of pirates or sea demons who raided and pillaged Ireland but were finally defeated; sometimes associated with the hostile powers of the sea (this was one that came up twice, once while looking at the sunrise and thinking about the fires and then again thinking about the systems in which we work, all the negative folks and how over the long run it is all attainable, how we can beat back the fires. There is a great quote by Martin Luther King ‘Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that’ I have to keep this in my mind all the time while working. Over and over again putting on my smiley face and trying to love everyone everywhere… it is weird how this works, after a while the darkness means nothing and you actually love everyone you ever meet. Hell, I get paid to do this!)

Indelible: Impossible to remove or forget (My parents, I thought about saying this earlier when with the small group of folks I was speaking with. But these words have been used before and I only want the folks that deserve it to hear it from now on)

Oxter: The armpit; also, the embrace of arms. (This is just a fun word, throw the old oxter over your kin and pull them in!)

Sinistral: Of or pertaining to the left side; situated on the left hand; not dextral; sinister; sinistrous (sin) (not to many folks know that the word ‘sin’ derives off of the fact that poor lefty’s were ‘odd’ and latter we learned to love them for their different thinking… think different folks)

Hotspur: a person who spurs or pushes on recklessly; one who is violent. Passionate, heady, or rash. (me)

Kneip: In German universities, to drink and be convivial at a ‘kneipe,’ according to the German ‘beer-code’ (another fun word, I feel like when we are working and really getting into it, we are kneip.)
Mallemaroking: the carousing of seamen on icebound Greenland whaling ships. (this is beautiful… who doesn’t want to Mallemaroking around, words like tomfoolery and ballyhooing come to mind. Fuck yeah, sign me up!)
Venery: (I am not going to explain this one) but it really about hunting.

Jument: a beast of burden or just beast. (This word is always there, but much like the darkness, light pushes it out.)

Omphalos: The navel or umbilicus. (getting to a point in my life where everything I think, do and say comes from this place.)

Ween: To think; to imagine; to fancy. (You can’t think of this word without thinking of the great band Ween… let’s talk about some music here again. ‘Baby Bitch’ ‘The Mollusk’ ‘I don’t want to leave you on the farm’ horrible great title almost great songs. Like frank Zappa.
Humgruffin: A terrible or repulsive person (we now these people)

Trucilent: easily annoyed or angered and likely to argue (see below and above)

Maffling: to stammer (myself during the DT-Trak presentation, I kept trying to talk and the words were swirling around in my head with all the ideas and they were like, ‘hey word, nice to meet you idea and, I have ideas of myself, and the words were trying to keep it simple but were ‘truculent’ that ideas thought that they were better than them. They knew that the best ideas could break down to a single word.)

Megalophonou: Having a loud voice; vociferous; clamorous (me again)